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This discussion stresses that the reporter is presently an undergraduate student finalizing my degree program at North-Western University located in Qatar where he pursues Communications with a minor in Media politics at the University of Georgetown. …
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Digital Media in North-Western University
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Extract of sample "Digital Media in North-Western University"

I am presently an undergraduate student finalizing my degree program at North-Western University located in Qatar where I pursue Communications with a minor in Media politics at the University of Georgetown. Because my centre of attention has highly focused towards the theory underlying communication principles instead of movie production and I’ve constantly been impressed by individuals behaviors along with how media affects them both at regional, global, interpersonal and intrapersonal levels, I wish to go on with my education in an undergraduate digital media (Media and Politics) course at Kings University.

I am interested in joining the anthropology department to study the following classes at your esteemed institution: Digital Politics, Digital Methodology (approaches, Metaphysics), Melancholia and its modern after life (Melancholia - severe form of depression) and Introduction to artificial intelligence.
After an extensive study, I’m certain that Kings University amid its worldwide eminence for superiority, and international alumni network excellently fits the interests I have and my upcoming profession. Your department proficiency in Anthropology is particularly valuable for me.

What I will contribute towards the course, besides my remarkable passion for this discipline, is a global viewpoint from my education in and diverse communication placements in North-Western University. I was a member of the student Association in North-Western University, a treasurer of the 20Q, Culture club as well as purple project (social services) at NUQ. Moreover, I am the Co-President of the football club. To add on, I have studied persuasion theories as well as research methods contain an extra cognitive approach. I have completed a research paper that examined the Graffiti impact on Egypt throughout the Arab spring. From that class, along with another course known as Arab TV, I had a focus in comprehending more about the Media’s impact towards politics and vice versa. I also studied feminism in various backgrounds (Arab media), social media and traditional media) (Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.), 2003).

I value you taking into account my request and I will be humbled being characteristic of your Bachelor’s degree in communication course in October 2015. I comprehend that you’ll enroll the most excellent applicants within the discipline and I ‘m certain that I will prosper within that setting. Working as well as sharing with more highly inspired learners will be my happiness. My recommendation letter you demanded has been directly sent to your institution. Kindly inform me if you’ll require any supplementary information.
Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). (2003). Northwestern University journal of international human rights JIHR. Chicago, IL: Northwestern University School of Law. Read More
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