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Applying for Masters Degree in MLIS - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of this essay realizes that he wants to become a link that can facilitate in disseminating information and provide people with the myriad format to gain knowledge. Computers and the internet have redefined communication and brought in a digital age…
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Applying for Masters Degree in MLIS
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Extract of sample "Applying for Masters Degree in MLIS"

I am Polish by birth and I had learnt the power of words at an early age. The military government had made registration of type compulsory andthreatened long jail sentences to those who would print ‘illegal’ material underground. I had taken refuge in Germany and was later granted immigration visa to Canada. I was highly inclined towards music, particularly theory and composition. I graduated with BA in Music from University of Western Ontario, Canada. I was also interested in films and have pursued documentary film making from Columbia College, Chicago. I have attended Maine Media workshop and workshop on film editing and have become proficient in specialized editing packages like Final Cut Pro. I would now like to expand my knowledge and pursue MLIS.
There are many reasons that have greatly encouraged me to pursue higher academic qualification especially in the field which facilitates information research. While I was studying, I had supported myself by working as researcher for lecturers and Speakers. The information research fascinated me a great deal. Later, working as film editor for several documentary projects, I was able to travel to the far off places. The museums and artifacts greatly fascinated me. I was awestruck by Code of Hammurabi in Louvre, Paris and equally dumbfounded by priceless artifacts and medieval books like Guttenberg Bible which showed me myriad aspects of knowledge and its methods of propagation. I was hugely impressed.
I realized that through the times, various means of spreading knowledge and information was invented. Each method became the symbol of advancement that represented the changing face of the methodologies of disseminating knowledge in the changing times. The increasing use of knowledge made huge impact on the lives of the people, facilitating interchange of information while at the same time, using it as one of the most powerful tool to influence paradigms of socio-political relationship across the globe. Indeed, the changing face of communication becomes the major platform to disseminate information.
Most importantly, I realized that I want to become a link that can facilitate in disseminating information and provide people with myriad format to gain knowledge. Computers and internet has redefined communication and brought in digital age where information is easy to retrieve. Fascinated by such development, applying my experience and passion for music, I would like to become a music librarian. MLIS would help me to become information professional who would be able to serve and take part in changing our knowledge based for the technologically oriented society.
Apart from being a highly self driven person, I am also ambitious and would like to reach the highest level of professional excellence, both in terms of gaining knowledge and experience and at the same time, gaining appropriate status. Indeed, the degree would help develop requisite skills. It would also promote professional growth and facilitate more efficient and accurate decision making process in the management and administration of information research. Read More
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Applying for Masters Degree in MLIS Admission/Application Essay.
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