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Journal Article Critique: "Neighborhood Poverty and Adolescent Development" - Essay Example

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The main author of the journal, Velma McBride Murry, is a distinguished researcher whose contributions to understanding human development, mainly in the African American community, have been very instrumental. She has tackled other issues such as racism, family function, youth…
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Journal Article Critique: "Neighborhood Poverty and Adolescent Development"
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Extract of sample "Journal Article Critique: "Neighborhood Poverty and Adolescent Development""

Download file to see previous pages In addition, she has quoted various recent material from other authors, most of which is constituted of research conducted in the last 15 years, which means that the content is up to date and relevant to today’s society.
Just like the topic implies, the journal analyses the impact of adolescent development courtesy of their surrounding (neighborhood) and poverty. The journal adopts a very comprehensive analysis of this relationship and even tries to explain every single phenomena that relates to this topic. Even though the content matches the topic of the journal, there are slight differences. Before I had read the journal, I viewed the term neighborhood very literally, in terms of blocks and streets, but I now understand that the term is supposed to be more inclusive than that and is one of the conceptual framework queries that have been raised in the study.
In addition, the research also identifies, that many neighborhood researches are a little biased because their sample group is predominantly composed of African Americans with some including Latino Americans. Even though the percentage of African Americans living under the poverty line may be higher than the other races, by solely concentrating on this population, results are skewed and the author indicates that a majority of neighborhood research conclusions may be entirely false.
In my opinion, the writer’s main intended audience is the government and specifically those government agencies dealing with children policy. It seems as if the author’s main task is compiling a persuasive and detailed research that can be used for formulating policies that can be used to change the lives of millions of children who are at risk of not attaining their potential due to factors such as poverty, lack of adequate education and curbing issues like early teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, gang and gun violence.
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