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Facilitation Guide - Essay Example

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For this reason, there is the need to ensure that people leading the meeting and discussion have a deep understanding of the particular…
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Facilitation Guide
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Download file to see previous pages e the responsibility of ensuring that they set the agendas to be used in the discussions, monitoring the group’s activities and ensuring that all the set items have been discussed. In undertaking this activity, the facilitators proposed varied ideas and opinions in a bid of ensuring an active participation of all the members present in the meeting (Kremer 2008). Therefore, they have to ensure that they encourage active participation by all the people present in the meeting. This paper presents a facilitation guide for a meeting to be held by Helix Inc. in a meeting with their staff.
Setting: Following the fact that most of the staff attending the meeting are located in different location in Europe, the setting for the meeting will be on the Blackboard Collaborate platform. In this case, the participants will be expected to join and follow the proceedings from their different respective locations.
Purpose: The main aim of this meeting, which has been called by the company’s CEO, Jane Elliot is aimed at finding an understanding into some emerging developments in the company. For instance, the CEO seeks to have an understanding into how the company’s revenues have been accounted for, following its inability to land various global accounts recently.
I take this opportunity t welcome you into this meeting, which is expected to ensure that our company creates and maintains its competitive advantage. I would like to thank all the staff that have made it to this meeting, hoping that the discussion and into recommendations will be actively implemented in ensuring that Helix creates and maintains its position as the best company as far as the production and sale of various technological programs for company operations is concerned.
This meeting will be used in setting the expectations for the company’s operations, which will be essential in developing its expected competitive advantages. Finally, I would like to welcome the participation of everyone in this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Facilitation Guide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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