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Working in Groups in the Organizational Setting - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the group’s role in the life of an individual. Groups may have different purposes, there are some basic techniques and principles that may be applicable to most circumstances. The purpose of the group should be made clear to all members…
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Working in Groups in the Organizational Setting
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Download file to see previous pages It was stated by Dr Carl Rogers’ theory of Person-Centered Approach (Brazier) that we all have the drive within us which enable us, given the right conditions, to develop in a way that offers us the greatest potential as human beings. Rogers had termed it “self-actualizing tendency”. A good leader/facilitator must be able to realize that each of them has that tendency and has the ability to use that for the purpose of fulfilling the group’s aim. To be able to achieve that, first, he must have an honest understanding of himself and of his full potential. He must be able to convey a strong vision of the future as people tend to follow those who have a clear direction. He must be conceived as a character worthy of respect, which would then lead to trust and confidence of his group workers. As mentioned previously, good communication skill is also of great importance. Spoken words should not be the mere mode of relaying his message but by incorporating it with non-verbal cues and concrete visual examples as well. He focuses on the group and understands the full course of all his actions and what it can imply to the members of the group. He must first understand the task completely and be able to relay it to the group in the manner that he will inculcate to each member plays an important part. He must be able to communicate a clear vision of where the group needs to go. That pertains to authority that would be able to make the members work for the sake of the group’s vision and harmony in the sense that he would be open to the member’s idea and suggestion. His point must be clearly inculcated at the very start, as he lay down his ground rules, if not simply imply his baseline. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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