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Film Log- (Non-fiction film) Considering the debates about Diary films and Autobiography offered by Russel, Hegarty and Chanan, discuss Tarnation (Jonathan Caouette2003)and offer a concise critical analysis based on three readings provided - Essay Example

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The film seems to exhibit most of the features that characterize an autoethnography. As Russel (1999) notes, an autobiographical writing is centered on a sense of self, which is thoroughly…
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Extract of sample "Film Log- (Non-fiction film) Considering the debates about Diary films and Autobiography offered by Russel, Hegarty and Chanan, discuss Tarnation (Jonathan Caouette2003)and offer a concise critical analysis based on three readings provided"

Download file to see previous pages “My grandmother was in her bed wondering what her grandson was doing” (Hegarty 2007).
Chanan (2007) asserts that documentary through film is a very strong tool of focusing on various issues within the lives of people. On the principle of Politicization of the personal, Identities are constantly played amongst a plethora of cultural constructs, be they sexual, national, racial, color, or ethnic. For example, Caouette reveals how he could wake up and try to capture different people with his camera unaware (Hegarty 2007). Further, Tarnation is a fashion of self that is represented in form of fiction. Caouette admits that most of the sceneries brought in his film are real and most of them are centered at his life. He says that he chose to present the issues in form of fiction to bring out the information in a special way. Capturing encounters with family members and showing generational difference, does Chanan (2007) assert an indication of the power of documentary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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