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The stakeholders in this case include the congregation or the faithful, the chief operations officer of the church Monsignor Burke, Archbishop OBrien, the victims, perpetrators, and the…
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Mass media Ethic case study
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Case study: Public relations Case Study: Part This is an exceptional case that involves a matter related to faith, Bryant, (2009). The stakeholders in this case include the congregation or the faithful, the chief operations officer of the church Monsignor Burke, Archbishop OBrien, the victims, perpetrators, and the media
The case involves a series of sexual abuse that has been perpetrated by priests. As such, the media requires the church to make a statement regarding the case. This has been prompted by the fact that two of the priests being accused with the act have been transferred to other dioceses with disregard of the cases.
Accordingly, Monsignor Burke, the COO of the church has approached a public relations personnel, John Allen, for advice on how to handle this matter. In this case, the church wants to find out whether to declare the nightmare of sexual abuse a past occurrence that has no effects on the current welfare of the church or to blame predecessor bishops for the vice.
In this case, there are two fundamental values on which catholic faith is grounded that are concerned. They include truth and justice. In the case of truth, the church advocate for accountability and transparency while for justice, the catholic affirms that each member of the society deserves to be served with justice at all time.
Part 3: Kant’s theory
The theory, developed to address the issue of Enlightenment rationalism, is grounded on the view that the only intrinsically good thing is a good will; an action is only good if its axiom – the rationale behind it – is commitment to the moral law.
In this case, the church should be guided in a way that will help in restoring the morality and public goodwill. As such, I would advise the archbishop to consider three dimensions when making a decision on what to disclose to the media:
Firstly, he should consider the truthfulness of the matter. In this case, he should gauge the statement he wants to issue against the truth. In this case, he should uphold the principle of truthfulness. By doing so, the church will ensure that this character-tarnishing story will never haunt again.
Secondly, I would advise to evaluate the intentions that the church has in this scenario. In this case, the intentions should reflect god wills and to a large extent, the principle of morality should be taken into consideration.
Lastly, the decision reached by the church should uphold dignity and respect on the part of the church. In this regard, I would advise them to take a position that exhibits respect to the member of the congregation and the society.
Bryant, T. (2009). Sociology and Public relations. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press. Read More
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