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The Homecoming dance is a significant event in the lives of the students. Therefore, by using it as part of the introduction to the lesson, the teacher quickly and effectively grabs the…
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Critique and Analysis
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Critique and Analysis Critique and Analysis Gaining Attention in the Introduction The teacher uses the upcoming Homecoming dance togain the attention of the students. The Homecoming dance is a significant event in the lives of the students. Therefore, by using it as part of the introduction to the lesson, the teacher quickly and effectively grabs the attention of the students. The students from the get go can see that this particular lesson is applicable in real life. I believe teacher’s technique is highly effective in gaining attention in the introduction since it demonstrated the applicability of the lesson. To improve this, I would have given an example of a song we would dance to, a song by a famous artist at the time.
Giving a Strong Reason to Listen In the Introduction
Dancing in public is a challenge to many students. The teacher assures the student that by listening and following the lesson they will not have to worry about dancing in public. They get the assurance that if they listen they will be able to impress their fellow student and dates. How to act in public so as to impress others and to avoid embarrassing oneself are is a key challenge to while learning how to behave in social spheres. Therefore, the teacher’s choice to use these factors to motivate the students to listen was an effective teaching skill. It was an effective choice because it addressed an issue the students faced. I would suggest a situational example to emphasize further the importance of the lesson.
Show a Sense of Organization
The lesson was well organized. The introduction shows the intended plan to achieve the goal of the lesson. The body is well organized and systematic. The students start by learning what rhythm is and how to recognize it in music. They then learn about movement and eventually how to incorporate rhythm and movement to make a dance. The conclusion restates the purpose of the lesson and relates it to an actual event in the lives of the students. The systematic organization was effective.
Involves the Students Actively
The teacher involves the student actively from the introduction of the lesson by asking the students questions. The teacher keeps asking questions through the lesson to determine if the students understand the topic. To ensure participation, the teacher applies a random sampling technique. The lesson also involves a class dance routine involving all the students. The teacher’s techniques were effective in involving the students in the lesson. Particularly the dance routine that the students had to learn. The random sampling technique used to ensure participation was effective since it keeps the students alert and aware that they all had to participate.
Delivery Made the Students Want To Listen
The teacher chooses to relate the lesson to the upcoming Homecoming dance and by so doing captures the student’s attention right from the introduction of the lesson. The students, therefore, will want to listen to impress others during the dance. The song the teacher picks for the dance routine, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, is one the young students can relate to. The method chosen to deliver the lesson was effective in making the students want to listen and participate. The use of the Homecoming dance allows the students to relate and want to listen to solve an issue they faced. The song also enhances this by introducing a fun element into the lesson. I would suggest including a few more songs to enhance this. Read More
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Critique and Analysis Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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