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Name Date Course Section/# Critique and Analysis When reviewing the 1911 short film “The Londale Operator”, from the standpoint of early cinematography, a number of key issues come to the forefront. Whereas the actual plot of the film could be analyzed at length with regards to the role of women in society, changing mores and norms of gender, and even small aspects of sexual liberation, the purpose of this particular analysis will be to view the film through a purely technical and formulaic approach which will weigh the merits of the particular approaches that are made with regards to both D.W…
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Download file to see previous pages... Although it is common place within the current era for filmmakers to include conversations in busy streets or cafes between two or more actors, such an inclusion was rather groundbreaking at the time the movie was filmed. For instance, within the opening scenes of the workers resting on the bench, there is a key conversation that takes place between the conductor and another man. As such, the camera is of course intently focused on the action that is taking place within the given shot; however, there is also inclusion of the men on the bench conversing, as well as off to the far right hand side of the screen, the inclusion of an individual on a bicycle resting by the side of the road. Although this is not important to the plot or even to the particular scene that is being detailed herein, the fact of the matter is that it helps to provide a given depth and complexity of camera work that was hardly if at all utilized prior to the short’s introduction into the annals of film history. ...
quainted with the full gravity of a given situation; however for this time, providing the extra level of focus on a given point or topic was something that was new and had not been experimented with before. Related to this is the use of close-ups that the filmmaker uses. Of course the most famous of these instances is that of the close up that is utilized to reveal to the viewer that the weapon that the young girl has threatened to use is in fact not a weapon at all but a humble wrench. This was for its time a pioneering technique of cinematography as almost each and every shot had formerly neglected the utilization of the close up. Lastly and perhaps most conspicuously, is the way in which the filmmakers utilize acid colored gels as a means to vividly color certain shots and sequences in blue or red. To the first time viewer or the untrained eye such a technique may be easily disregarded as troublesome and/or irritating. However, the fact of the matter is that this yet another manifestation of the means by which the filmmakers were pioneering and ahead of their own time. For instance, due to the constraints that the current technology had, it was not possible for nuances in voice inflection or speech in general to be translated to the viewer as a means of foreboding what a given scene portended (Galenson et al 130). Although the music could and was utilized as a way to perform this action, the fact of the matter was that the use of tinted filters in front of the camera lens helped greatly to instill certain emotions, even if not realized, within the viewer with regards to the mood of a given scene. For the reasons that have herein been specified, the film acts to provide several “new” techniques whereby following cinematography built upon. Though difficult to pick ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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