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How is national identity constructed in everyday life - Essay Example

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National identity is a concept or in other words a condition of a person and his way of thinking according to his relation to the country with which this person feels…
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How is national identity constructed in everyday life
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Download file to see previous pages First of all it is necessary for us to make clear the definition of our subject and its obvious connection with day-to-day life of an individual. In other words it is significant for our study to systematize our definition of a national identity and parts from which it consists.
National identity consists of and develops with a help of almost everything that surrounds person during his or her daily activities. Of course we are going to talk about this in general and exclusions like in cases of immigration or living in exile are not among the topics of our research. Every day person deals with problems and issues that guarantee this person’s further existence. All people except maybe some monks in mountains identify themselves with and depend on the country in which they live. These national borders do not always remain final and non-arguable but in most cases for now countries all around the world stay in more or less stable condition. This allows us to talk about formed national identity except maybe for those people who live in regions like Middle East or post-Soviet Union regions where nationality is not formed at all or not formed well.
Everyday life consists of our co-existing with all kinds of political, social, cultural, religious and other ideological and traditional ideas and concepts. I suggest to pay each of them attention which they deserve as parts of a basis of our question. Geographical position and ethnic roots predispose the origin of nations. After people became a group the psychological and ideological formation of an identity has been developing and evolving. So the location acts as a starting point for the further establishment of a national character and this evolution of a savage into a civilized citizen is influenced by different factors (Henslin, 2011).
Politics and political consciousness of an individual are one of the most important details in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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