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It particularly focuses on people living in Bloomington city and their perspectives about Scratch Mommy Skincare products.
The researcher will select 230 females and 36 male. It…
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Report 5b
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Data Collection Research Participants Sampling method for quantitative method The selection of the participants for the research is based on the rationale of this study. It particularly focuses on people living in Bloomington city and their perspectives about Scratch Mommy Skincare products.
The researcher has selected a total of 266 participants from the total population of Bloomington i.e. 80,405 (as per Census 2010).
The researcher will select 230 females and 36 male. It indicates the gender proportion ratio value of 86% females and 14% males. It is also ensured that the researchers will select potential participants for the study who are currently using the products of Scratchy Mommy or who have used the product in the past.
The researcher swill use random sampling to select the participants for the study from a list of emails available to them.
The margin error of the sample is +/- 5% with a confidence level of 95%. It implies that if the same study is conduced 20 times then 19 times the results should be within the margin of error. Moreover, it suggests that if the study is conducted several times then the results could differ by +/- 5% of the original results.
Sampling method for qualitative method
The participants will be selected by using convenience-sampling technique. The reason researchers have selected convenience sampling because of convenient accessibility and proximity to the researchers. The participants will be IU students who are aware of Scratchy Mommy products.
The researchers will conduct focus group session to acquire their perceptions, experiences and views about the Scratchy Mommy products. The two-way focus group will be used that will provide a comparison of the prevailing perception within the group.
There will be 12 people (10 females and 2 males) in total who will be sub-categorized into two groups (5 females and 1 male). The reason to choose male participant as a part of focus group is that males also purchase beauty care products for them or their mates.
The researcher as the moderator will lead each group and four observers will also be present including two beautician experts and two dermatologists.
The information will be gathered through observation of the interaction between the two groups that will be recorded and transcribed (Tuck and McKenzie).
Works Cited
Tuck, Eve and Marcia McKenzie. Place in Research: Theory, Methodologies, and Methods: Theory, Methodology, and Methods. London: Routledge, 2014. Print. Read More
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Report 5b Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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