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Research Methods (semi structured interview of four women in the sex industry) - Essay Example

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The aim of this paper is to discuss the methods that will be used in collection and analysis of the data that will be collected in a semi structured interview of four women in the sex industry. The themes of this research include Lesbianism and lesbian identity, Gender power relations, roles and patriarchy illegitimate work and Prostitution…
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Research Methods (semi structured interview of four women in the sex industry)
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Extract of sample "Research Methods (semi structured interview of four women in the sex industry)"

Download file to see previous pages The paper also discusses the various themes and the data that will be collected in the interview.
There are two research methods namely quantitative research method and the qualitative research method, both qualitative and quantitive research methods have their strength and weakness. D according to Amaratunga (2002) Qualitative research method is concerned with the properties, the current state and the character, in this method data is collected through focus groups, questionnaires and interviews. Quantitative research on the other hand is defined as collection of numerical data, in this research method data can be sorted, categorised and measured, for this reason therefore statistical analysis of the data can be undertaken to obtain central measures such as the mean, median and standard deviation.
In this research I intend to use the qualitative method of research, qualitative methods collect greater information depth and details than in the quantitive method of research, therefore this method will aid in collection of more information in our case because some of the themes in our study are not easy to generalise.
Our research topic is very sensitive and therefore the qualitative method being suitable for s...
Qualitative method of research will create openness between the interviewer and the respondents whereby the participants can discuss subjects that are important to them rather than when the respondents are offered closed questions. The research coordinators can also correct and clarify ambiguities and confusion over concepts. Therefore Qualitative method in our research will help reduce biased responses in the answers given and any confusion corrected.
Having discussed the advantages of qualitative method we can conclude that it is suitable to undertake our research method, it will help us collect more information and for this reason we will not require a large sample size, our results will also not be biased in that the research coordinator will clarify any misunderstanding of questions and also the ability to check the level of understanding by the respondents. It would be therefore to collect data using the qualitative research method.
Semi structured interview:
Biklen (1992) states that In structured method of surveys interviews have limited number of questions but in the semi structured interview there are set themes to be explored and therefore the interview is flexible and does not follow a limited number of set questions. In a semi structured interview the survey is like a conversation and respondents are more likely to open up and give more information.
Face to face interviews have advantages over the other survey methods, according to Biklen (1992) some of these advantages include the opportunity to clarify any misunderstanding of questions by the respondent, and the research coordinator also has the opportunity to gain more information on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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