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In a drug counselling session, a client is led to discuss personal issues that can trigger a lot of unpleasant feelings. Through the concept of argument, the patient…
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Civic learning summary of rehab facility visitation
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Civic Learning A visit to the drug rehabilitation facility provided the insight necessary to be an effective active citizen. In a drug counselling session, a client is led to discuss personal issues that can trigger a lot of unpleasant feelings. Through the concept of argument, the patient expresses feelings and not just facts while actively engaging in their defense. The patient gets assisted to get in touch with these feelings as the counselor explains how they affect an individual. This approach is necessary because the client needs a personal understanding for recovery to take place. Denial is part of the addiction; justification, blaming, and rationalization are all characteristics of denial.
Communication between the counselor and the client facilitates the rate of recovery. The concept of using communication in promoting civic democracy is necessary. In a drug rehabilitation facility, counselling starts by building a client-counselor relationship based on the effectiveness of their communication. In our civic responsibilities, effective communication facilitates dialogue with peers and community members.
Most drug addicts attribute their addiction to stress resulting from a difficult life or a stressful activity, program or parents. During counselling sessions, the addict is required to discuss each of these areas with the counselor or in a group talk. This approach seeks to bring an understanding of the concept of symbolism where certain signs call for attention to significances. The counsellor outlines the significance of symbols and how they relate to what has been perceived as they point to indicate, or denote something other than themselves. The lesson here is attaching emotional or physical symbols in performing our civic duties could lead to a crowded judgment.
The concept of leadership and implementation gets outlined in the counselling sessions between the addicts and the counselors. The counselor should be able to adapt accordingly based on immediate client needs and capacities. The client needs to seem to be in control while the counselor should always maintain control. A counselor determines the appropriate time to probe and when to let the client take charge. These concepts are important in the delivery of our civic duties. Students realize the importance of understanding the community and what is necessary and when.

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