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Five Addicts Challenge our Misguided Drug Rehab System - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of this report "Five Addicts Challenge our Misguided Drug Rehab System" touches upon the idea of drug addiction. It is mentioned that “hooked” by Lonny Shavelson is an account of five addicts that forces us to rethink and restructure our ideas about addicts…
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Five Addicts Challenge our Misguided Drug Rehab System
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Extract of sample "Five Addicts Challenge our Misguided Drug Rehab System"

Download file to see previous pages Through the book the author points out how our system fails to help these individuals because of the complexities involved in getting treatment, how the authorities are unable to understand the reason for their addiction or for their relapses considering that freeing them of their addiction is decriminalization, and how freeing them from their addiction is not as simple as it seems. This book is not just another good read instead it is a humane take on a problem that is a menace to our society enriching us with knowledge and possible solution for the problem.
Lonny Shavelson is a writer, a physician, a radio journalist, and a photojournalist. A man with a dynamic personality who has written about various topics like child labor, effects of hazardous wastes, all dealing with current issues of society. Hooked is another attempt by the author to bring into light the issue of drug addiction and rehab a citation, an attempt in which he does succeed.
Darlene James: Darlene is a person who deals with a lot more than just addiction and whose addiction stems from her inability to cope up with the reality, a reality which is different from normal people. She suffers from mental disorder, psychosis and hallucinations, which is worsened by her homelessness and continuous encroachment of her makeshift homes by local authorities, which makes her feel even less wanted. She was a methamphetamine addict, and also had alcohol problem. She heard various noises in her head, living in a delusional world. She did petty crimes like stealing and had an abusive partner who spent half his time in jail. Darlene lacked any emotional support and her escape from this world is her addiction which can also be said to have lead to the problems of hallucinations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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