You will prepare a media release on a social, political or commercial development/issue of ABC(Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - Essay Example

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The stories published by Gearin have marked remarkable public acceptance and following
The importance of The Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation…
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You will prepare a media release on a social, political or commercial development/issue of ABC(Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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04/ April/ Addressed to; Mary Gearin, Australia Broadcasting Corporation Journalist Rationale: Mary Gearin stands out as one of ABC’s journalistpassionate about health matters affecting Australia. The stories published by Gearin have marked remarkable public acceptance and following
AADRF May 1 2015 Grant Application deadline Fast Approaching
The importance of The Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation (AADRF) is more significant now than ever before with the findings that Alzheimer/Dementia is the second largest cause of death in Australia. The first round of 2015 Dementia Grants Program is already up and running and deadline for application set on 1 May 2015.
AADRF stands out as one of the premier research foundation supporting a wide array of researches aimed at curbing the problem of Dementia in Australia through science and technology.
AADRF has already set into rolling a total of 17 project grants under different categories but the May 1 2015 deadline is fast approaching. Each project grand is worth $50,000. Successful grant applicants are highly welcome in the following areas dementia research, dementia care, social/clinical dementia issues, lifestyle prevention of dementia.
Scientists, scholars, organizations, and individual researchers are highly encouraged to tender their applications for AADRF dementia research, grants in any category of their choice before the stipulated deadline through online application.
AADRF prides a long list of successful grant applicants who went ahead to win awards. Some of the notable AADRF award winners of 2014 include Dr. Adele Woodhouse, Dr. Amir Hossein Ghapanchi, Dr. Arne Ittner, Dr. Ashleigh Smith, Dr. Belinda Brown, and Dr. Chris Brennan-Horley among others.
Quick statistics show that dementia affects close to 2 million Australians directly and indirectly with almost half a million living with dementia. Close to 2000 fresh cases are reported every month in different parts of the country. More than one millions Australians are directly involved in caring for families and relatives with dementia.
The high scale impact of dementia in Australia is the highest disability cause for the aged. Healthcare expenditure on dementia is estimated to be over $5 billion each year.
Whereas dementia may sound as a single disease, the fact is that dementia refers to a group of diseases that affect memory, cognition, intellect, psychosocial abilities and as well as physical body functions. Dementia is more prevalent after age of 65.
Members of the public, private, and philanthropic organizations are highly encouraged to continue their financial support to AADRF especially now that grant projects are already underway. The problem of dementia cannot be worn single handedly but can only be worn through concerted efforts from donors, researchers, members of the public, and organizers.
AADRF research grants offers a different kind of a proactive approach to this national problem. Being proactive towards dementia through collaborative research provides heightened hopes of understanding the causes and possible remedies to dementia. Before the May 1 deadline, AADRF hopes to get as many grant applicants as possible in the efforts to securing a dementia free Australia. Read More
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