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It shows the speakers integrity and good character. The reputation of the person is dependent on their past, what is known and spoken about them. Although reputation and reality are related, it is not always the case. For instance,…
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Effective Presentation
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Aristotle’s Three Methods of Proofs Aristotle, perhaps the most famous arguer examined three routes to change the other people’s minds.
Ethos uses trust and is focused on the speaker. It shows the speakers integrity and good character. The reputation of the person is dependent on their past, what is known and spoken about them. Although reputation and reality are related, it is not always the case. For instance, though politicians guard their reputations well, they may have skeletons on their closets. Most politicians are forced to misbehave in the public eye to earn points and chances of them being re-elected especially in third world countries. Politicians need to be trusted and using Ethos is the best way for the society to trust them, and win votes easily. Leveraging reputation many times means reminding others of one’s past perhaps through stories. Character shows that one is a 3 dimensional human, with a few flaws. It presents them as affected by the same problems and pressures as others and then shows their virtue and values. Credibility depends on expertise and how this is portrayed. For people to believe you, they need to see that you believe in yourself. It requires one to talk as if they cannot be challenged and shows others to look up to them.
Pathos appeals to the emotions of those listening, seeking to excite them or rouse their interests. One can do this by appealing to the values of the people. For example, one can tell stories of poor values and how they harmed innocent people. Most people involved in dubious charity organizations to uplifting the living standards of the poor in developing countries, use pathos to convince their sponsors. Ethos is then used to show ones values and how important other people are to you. The approach, though very inhumane, seems to work as people in developing countries have become rich through using funny methods such as the poor as their stepping stone to richness. You can also work with their goals and interests and perhaps challenge their beliefs. It involves use of language to affect emotions. Touching on the emotions of the people is the easiest way to win them over, and this trait makes pathos a great way of persuasion.
Logos focuses on the argument. It uses cool logic and rational explanations and evidences to convince listeners. Scientific proof is based on empirical evidence so that if one argues without evidence, a scientist would dismiss the argument as metaphysical. Evidence cannot be refuted, it is difficult to deny without bringing up the question of its validity. It can include statistics, pictures or even recounted experience. It may also be evoked when giving evidence to give it an emotional spin. It may also use reason that uses rational points that call on truths and theories that have been proved. Where evidence does not exist, reason may still prevail. It allows for use of syllogisms that include a major premise, a minor one and a conclusion based on their combination.
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Effective Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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