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In our everyday lives this theory is useful. For every argument, there is the possibility of a counter-argument, and for every question there can be another question that needs an…
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Coordinated management of meaning theory
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Essay, Journalism, mass media and communication Topic: Coordinated Management of Meaning theory
According to Coordinated Management of Meaning, two individuals who are interrelating communally, build the implication of their dialogue. Two are more persons are involved in interactions.
Core Assumptions and Statements
The theory of CMM articulates basically persons-in-conversation create their own social realities. In our everyday lives this theory is useful. For every argument, there is the possibility of a counter-argument, and for every question there can be another question that needs an answer. The social realities of individuals in conversation are normally different and as such their perceptions and reactions are also different. People have expectations as to what is needed to tackle a particular situation and if the other party is not willing to move in tandem with their understanding, a conflict arises. It is but natural that the two cannot walk together, unless they are agreed. No coordinated action is possible when the viewpoints are divergent. No one is individually responsible to construct a social situation. A problem surfaces on account of friction and interaction of conglomeration of issues in a group situation. Proper response to such issues can only be through consensus. But social realities often hinder such a possibility.
Example: Story told
A symposium was held recently in the Community Hall at Houston(TX). Local politicians, police officers and some NGOs who represented the interests of women participated in the symposium. The issue for discussion in the symposium was “Women safety, how to challenge increasing rape cases.”
Initiating the debate the women representative said, “The politicians and police are responsible for the present state of affairs. No woman feels safe in cities. Police have no control on the issue and the politicians are not serious about it. The judiciary is helpless and the cases in courts linger on for years.”
Even as she continued with her angry outburst, the senior police officer intervened. “Our department is not responsible for increase in rape cases. The moral fabric of the society has been torn asunder. The available security force with us is totally inadequate.
“The politicians are corrupt. The police are corrupt. The irresponsible police staff should be dismissed from service,” the woman representative was unstoppable.
The above observations were immediately contested by a police official. “We are not corrupt. If we receive a complaint against any police personnel, we take action as per disciplinary proceedings rules governing the police department. We are only the investigating agency in rape cases. For delay in the cases and for awarding punishment, we alone are not responsible. Often political pressure stalls the speedy investigation.”
The coordinator intervened to say that the issue will not be solved by accusations and counter-accusations.
Here is a situation that explains the manner in which social words are created. This juncture can be as the point of creating social words. Our social words are created as per the demand of the situation, how the coordinator intervened and what the reactions of others are. The statements mentioned below indicate the creation of social words by the performances and others.
‘If the investigating officers were efficient and free from corrupt practices, how things would have been different?’
‘I see that self-assurance in the investigating agencies is the main issue. To enable us to continue with the discussion let’s address this specific issue.’
Story lived:
But my experience in the interaction with the police department is much different. In an incident of bag snatching within the community, when I was waiting for the office vehicle to arrive to pick me up for the airport, the police acted with alacrity, and the bag containing valuable official documents relating to production of defense equipment, was recovered within two hours. We thus cannot expect speedy action and justice in all the cases, as cases handled by the police department are dissimilar. It depends upon the nature of the case, whether a single party is involved or multiple agencies need to coordinate in tandem for the final outcome of the case. My part in this episode (story) was, I immediately informed the police about the incident and they must have initiated a coordinated action plan informing their different outposts and superior authorities. Read More
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Coordinated Management of Meaning Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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