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It is no hidden reality that everyone is busy nowadays in trying to fit into an ever narrowing social ideal because that is how others want them to act. This social ideal is impressed upon a mass population by our social media which makes people insecure and uncomfortable with…
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Blog post about: social media influences teenagers body image
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02 March Shattering effect of social media on teenagers’ body image: It is no hiddenreality that everyone is busy nowadays in trying to fit into an ever narrowing social ideal because that is how others want them to act. This social ideal is impressed upon a mass population by our social media which makes people insecure and uncomfortable with how they naturally are. Teenagers form the most vulnerable and most susceptible age group. This is because they very easily become a prey to the propaganda instigated by social media which is about looking thinner and more beautiful. The craze to look like the famous TV stars has reached its zenith currently because it seems like there is no place for a kid in our society anymore who does not look like a model. This is because of an ideal body image portrayed by magazines and television (Roxby). Research also supports this idea that social media negatively influences body image. Girls are hurt even more than boys in this matter. This practice of social media to impose an ideal on our teenagers is highly objectionable in my opinion. Research claims that the US media environment is so sexually charged that it forces women to “fit into an ever narrowing ideal of female beauty” (Goh-Mah). Every day we see many young girls pressurized by our society and culture into fitting into defined sizes for chest, waist, and hips. This formula of “36-24-36” is mentioned in many songs and it is popularized by music and fashion alike. It should not be forgotten that it influences women in a devastating way. This is because teenagers in particular stress so much in adjusting their bodies according to a set physical measurement formula that it makes many clinically depressed.

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