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Risk and uncertainty, the key public relations issues in the contemporary era - Essay Example

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Many experts have taken their time to define the public relations practice, as well as its key concepts. In the modern day, organizations find it harder to maintain a positive reputation as well as…
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Risk and uncertainty, the key public relations issues in the contemporary era
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Extract of sample "Risk and uncertainty, the key public relations issues in the contemporary era"

Download file to see previous pages Notably, the public relations practice ensures that an organization can assess the potential impact of its policies on the public. After the implementation of the organizational policies, public relations practitioners seek feedback from the public concerning the policies. Public relations practitioners must understand the opinions held by different sectors of the public if they are to keep the organization well informed. In addition, public relations practitioners play critical cultural and social roles as they strive to serve as a link between the organization and the customers. In the contemporary era, risks and uncertainty are some of the defining aspects of business in the modern world. Risk and uncertainty prove to be highly ambivalent. Therefore, organizations have tasked public relations practitioners with handling risks and uncertainties in the organization. Evidently, the public relations practice is of critical importance to any organization in the modern day. This paper will focus on describing some of the cultural and social roles played by public relations, as well as the influence of public relations practice on the society. Finally, the paper will tackle risk and uncertainty as some of the leading issues in public relations in the modern day.
Public relations practitioners play critical roles in an organization and in the community. It is the role of public relations practitioners to communicate the policies of an organization to the public. Notably, organizations need to determine the potential impacts of their policies on the community and the public. Therefore, public relations practitioners create the necessary intermediary between the organization and the public. In addition, public relations practitioners offer informed advice to the organization’s management. The daily activities of a public relations practitioner involve a continued interaction with different sectors of the public. Through the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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