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In other words, euphemisms make things sound better than they really are. They are frequently used in everyday life when people do not want to discuss certain topics…
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Discussion board in communication class
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Discussion Board College: A euphemism is a word or phrase that is used instead of one which is considered offensive or morally incorrect. In other words, euphemisms make things sound better than they really are. They are frequently used in everyday life when people do not want to discuss certain topics directly. One of the themes discussion of which usually includes the wide use of euphemisms is death. People tend to use quite a range of words and phrases to substitute the words “dead”, “death”, “to die”. Among such phrases are “to pass away”, “the departed”, “to be no more” etc. One more theme which is unpleasant, embarrassing, or uncomfortable for people to talk about directly is associated with using bathroom or toilet. In such cases, the following words are used: do one’s business, powder nose, answer nature’s call etc. Age is also among the themes discussed with the use of euphemisms. For instance, “mature” is used instead of “old, while “wrinkle” may be substituted by a “character line”. In other words, euphemisms make ideas sound more appropriate and respectful.
There is a great difference between how men and women communicate. As the video as well as everyday life shows, women are more emotional, they lay out their feelings. In addition to this, women have very a lively way of talking, they gesticulate a lot and have noticeable variations in vocal pitch. Also, they focus mostly on details rather than on the gist of what is discussed. In their turn, men are more direct, reserved and less emotional; facts are what they need and look for in conversation (DeVito, 2004). From women, men could learn how to express empathy and sympathy in communication more than they tend to. From men, women might learn how to be more fact-oriented while communicating.
Among the three listening styles, experiential, auditory, and visual, the last one suits me best. Visual listeners are able to consume more information and, consequently, be more effective in communication, by seeing people they talk to. Visual listeners are influenced by eye contact, facial expressions, and body language of those who take part in conversation. Personally for me, eye contact is one of the most essential things in communication; it is very important for me to see that a person is interested by keeping an eye contact; also, I learn a lot from a person’s body language. I believe that it is very important because it is necessary to know what the interlocutor feels at the moment of speaking. For example, very often, folded arms are not the sign of tension; it can be just a comfort pose.
For me, holding more than one conversation at a time is commonplace. Very often, I am talking over the cell phone and chatting online at the same time or talking to somebody and texting with a friend. It is quite an interesting experience for it teaches you how to perform several tasks and concentrate on at least two things at a time. At the same time, holding two conversation is not easy for very often while it is not difficult to get the gist of the two conversations, minor details can be lost.
DeVito, J. (2004). The interpersonal communication book. Boston, MA: Pearson Education. Read More
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