Discussion thread 1:M Denneny Discussion thread 2:Do Editors Know Best - Assignment Example

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The question is, among the three, who knows the best? The writer makes a manuscript, the editor does the editing and submit the fair copy to the publisher for approval (Irvine)…
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Discussion thread 1:M Denneny Discussion thread 2:Do Editors Know Best
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Do know best? Publishers and the Editors play a vital role in making the book a hit and a best seller. The question is, among the three, who knows the best? The writer makes a manuscript, the editor does the editing and submit the fair copy to the publisher for approval (Irvine). According to Seligson, it is only time that will provide an answer to this existing question. She argued that it is easy to write a book according to the wants of the publisher. However, the final product turns out dilute since the publisher will write the checks. To her, publishers “know the best” but due to changing technology, time will come when books will not necessarily be in the form of a print edition. At such a time, it will be the writer who will be knowing the best. In the questioned posed to the editor of the book, Girls on the Train, it makes it clear that if a writer makes the manuscript of a book interesting from the beginning, then the result will be a fantastic book (Swanson).
Three questions for M Denneny
1. What are the main goals of the editor?
2. Why is it easier to edit the work of someone whose political convictions are widely different from the editors?
3. Do the editors own political opinion and does prejudice have a place in the editing process?
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