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This report talks about thread rolling method which is the most preferred or best way of preparing of a smooth, precise and strong external threads. This method is much different from any other methods of threading that is cutting and chasing. …
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Thread Rolling
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Thread rolling YourFirst YourLast Thread rolling This is the most preferred or best way of preparing of a smooth,precise and strong external threads. This method is much different from any other methods of threading that is cutting and chasing. This method can be performed on a ductile metal. In the process of its forming, many other forms are achieved, for instance, knurls. To arrive at top notch quality threads, the process must be performed in a precision center less ground. Thread rolling can be performed on a wide variety of parts.
Rolled threads are produced on wide various parts by the thread rolling. most times, requirements of the rolled threads is by design due to their superiority in the shear, tensile and fatigue strength. To remove the thread form, several processes are required to pass the material through. In thread rolling, the material is usually displaced with hardened steel dies. The hardness of the dies is usually between the range of Rc58- Rc63 and a particular die set exists for every thread form and size.
The outcome of transferring the material molecules into thread shape instead of weakening through material removal is the thickening of the molecules at the threads critical parts, mostly in the roots and at the pitch diameter flank. The result of this all is an improvement of the quality of the thread form. Furthermore, the burnishing act that takes place at the steel dies results into a production of a magnificent micro-finish. The internal and external threads assembly is improved by the superior finish. It as well minimizes the wear between mating components thus a life extension results. A smooth finish as well results to an advantage of having rolled threaded components over the threaded components.
The process involved in the thread rolling is known as the infeed roll threading. The thread types involved are pipe threads/ 600 thread type, machine screw type threads. The forms involved in the process are UNR, UNJ, AND UNC, for classes 1A, 2A, and 3A. The metric forms in the process of roll threading are DIN and ISO. The minimum size for the thread is 2mm, and maximum diameter is 63mm. The pitches in roll threading are fine, coarse and extra fine. The material hardness is cold rolling on depending material size and type. Roll threading results to flight safety threads and left and right hand while the volume that results is 1 to 100,000 pieces.
In thread inspection, a large inventory of counted threads inspects and gauges threads to the customer standards and the industry as well. Mostly, the specifications of the industry consist of Handbook H28 and ANSI specifications. The inspection of threads is done through the indication of the kind variable gauging as well as maintenance of a large range of metric gauges and English standard on threads on special and common sizes. For reference, thread ring gauges are applied, through gauge indication is important for a proper measure of the functionality of the thread.
Mostly threads can be rolled on turned, headed parts or screwed machined though a final sizing process is mostly preferable. The threads quality is determined by the quality of blanks. Thus the higher the quality of the blanks, the higher the quality of the threads
Larson, M. E. (1972). Teaching related matters in trade and industrial and technical education. Columbus, Ohio: Merrill. Read More
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