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The paper "Like A Girl" discusses the video that narrows down to adolescent boys who are mostly concerned with how they are treated especially when told they are doing things like girls. The purpose of this video is to understand what it means to do things like a boy…
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Like A Girl
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Like a girl The audience of this video is adults, children, and adolescent girls. This video narrows down to adolescent boys who are mostly concerned with how they are treated especially when told they are doing things like girls. The target audience is significant because it reflects that the video is geared to self-conscious adolescent boys who care about what others think about them. This makes the audience more vulnerable to videos like this one because watchers see is it as an opportunity to be careful when addressing the adolescent boys.
The purpose of this video is to understand what it means to do things like a boy (Kuypers, 15). The audience knows that this is the purpose of the video hence they are able to look at the image through what is needed to convince them of something hence they are able to think critically.
Critical Analysis
The first impression of this video is that it does not show anything wrong. It shows an adolescent boy who shows how girls do things. It also shows people that adolescent boys are usually conscious of people telling them they are doing things like girls (Kuypers 32). It plays the idea that what an adolescent boy wants is to be appreciated as a grown man. This video convinces the audience that it is normal for people to attribute things to girls, which means that an individual is doing something in a weaker manner.
Deeper Impact
The main message of this video is the idea that people believe that doing things like a girl is comparable to doing things in a frailer way. Both boys and men believe that girls do things in a weaker manner. It is surprising that even adolescent women believe they are fragile hence they do things in a punier style (Kuypers 43). On the other hand, young boys are confident of themselves and believe they are equal to men since they do things with a lot of energy compared to adolescent boys. It is obvious that people believe that girls are the weaker gender, which is why they refer doing things in a feminine manner.
An alternative interpretation of this video is that it is insulting to tell someone that they are doing things like a girl. This is a false assumption because young boys feel they are equals to men and can do things with the same energy. Even though boys feel they are insulted when told this phrase, it is evident that they portray themselves to be real men. The video also brings to light deeper beliefs about the role of boys in the society. Men in this video are trying to tell the adolescent boy that they should accept that they are the weak and that is not an insult. A young boy watching this video will notice the advice that is being given and apply it in his own life. For an audience watching this video, even if they do not fully consider this advice, boys will take bits by pieces and apply it to their personal life. They may not be able to hide themselves but they will make efforts to have their own vision of being themselves in line with what the society wants.
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