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How Are We Socialized - Essay Example

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How Are We Socialized School How Are We Socialized Socialization is a result of both an individual’s nature and the way he/she is nurtured by the parents, guardians, and/or the society. The first and the foremost role in the process of socialization is played by an individual’s nature and his/her personality traits…
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How Are We Socialized
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Download file to see previous pages The boy who has many friends has very fine oratory skills combined with an exceptionally high level of emotional intelligence. He knows what to say when and how so as to please the listeners and to make them want to hear more. The boy has very good amount of general knowledge and can speak on any topic that is under discussion. Even if he has limited knowledge of the subject, he would still find ways to join the on-going conversation. He might not be an active speaker, but knows how to be a part of the discussion. He participates by asking others questions about things he does not know and raises objections with his common sense to the explanations he is made by others. This enables him to keep the conversation going. Thus, it hardly matters if he has prior knowledge about the subject of discussion or not. On the other hand, the other boy does not join group discussions. He also has equal amount of general knowledge, but he has very poor oratory skills. He is not sufficiently present-minded so as to tackle the witty comments of the class fellows. He does not like when somebody makes fun of him, but cannot hide that dislike because he is not too intelligent. Thus, in an attempt to escape the mockery, the boy prefers to be alone rather than in some group. As time passes, he becomes used to living like this and thus becomes socially excluded. Had the boy had good oratory skills and the emotional intelligence of the magnitude of the other boy, he would also have many friends and his social network would have been much stronger and vaster than it is. The boy cannot help it because anger and agitation is just part of his nature. He cannot let go of it when someone makes fun of him and mockery among friends is the most common thing in every part of the world. Friends don’t spend time praising one another, particularly when they are boys. They are nasty and like to do such nasty things as calling other names and making witty jokes. In such circumstances, people with high tendency to be patient, good amount of emotional intelligence and nice oratory skills are stronger socially than the rest. Since these qualities are intrinsically linked with an individual’s nature, so nature plays a fundamental role in the way people socialize. The way our parents nurture us in the initial days of our childhood has a life-long impact on our social skills. The best example in the history that supports this argument is that of Genie, who was a girl born with completely normal senses, but her senses were reduced to the level of a mentally retarded girl as a result of the abuse she was offered by her parents. Genie was made to live in a room for full thirteen years of her life since birth. At the age of thirteen, when she was discovered and her case was brought in the limelight, she wore diapers and walked and sounded like animals. She barely ever said something, but when she tried to, she sounded too much like an animal. “The social worker noticed that the "small withered girl" had "a halting gait" and "hands held up as though resting on an invisible rail," which gave her a curious, unnaturally stooped posture” (Georgetown University, n.d.). The pretty girl was brought up in complete isolation from the world. She saw very less and so she knew very less. Her abilities to socialize ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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