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Are Children Smarter or More Socialized Because of the Internet - Research Paper Example

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The paper explores whether the internet has caused children to become smarter. Its main aim is to establish the role that the internet has played in the socialization of children. …
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Are Children Smarter or More Socialized Because of the Internet
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Extract of sample "Are Children Smarter or More Socialized Because of the Internet"

Download file to see previous pages The possible outcomes become established, and how the outcomes will become differentiated in the research. The data collection procedures have also been discussed, and survey method will get used in the research. The research also talks about the findings and results and how these findings and results affect the hypothesis of the research. It ends with a conclusion that internet hinders socialization instead of promoting it. Computers have played a key role in every aspect of life ever since it came into existence in the late 20th century. Computers have rearranged and molded the way people live and interact. For majority children especially teenagers, using the internet now include watching television and talking on the phone endlessly. This gets defined as typical behavior for them. More than three-quarters of 12 to 17-year-olds are always online. With the advancement in technology, people questioned the harms and benefits. Many questioned the harms and benefits a computer would give a child. The fear that many had with computers was that children who relied on these machines would lose their individuality. There was also a belief that they would confuse their own cultural roots, and mistake actual reality with virtual reality. The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects that the internet has on young children. The information gathered from this study can with further research get used to developing more efficient and stronger computer and socialization programs for young children. This research is paramount to us because it will shed further light on how the children of today become socialized. Understanding the effect of the internet on children’s socialization helps to better prepare various families, organizations, and schools because the internet gets integrated into the society. By the end of this research, the author should answer the following questions; Does exposure to the internet make children more socialized and smarter? Is there a distinct difference in socialization between children who get exposed to the internet and those who do not? Are today’s children better socialized because of their exposure to the internet? Researchers were afraid that the internet would lead to loss of socialization among young children. For many, socialization means learning and adoption of behavior patterns around the surrounding patterns. Question is what effect has the internet had on children’s socialization skills? Does it make children lack physical feeling in the virtual world, self-expression or does it hinder individuality? Scientists have still not reached a conclusion on the behavioral, emotional and cognitive influences that the interactive products on the internet have on children. The following sources can be used to establish whether or not children are smarter or better socialized because of the internet. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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