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Death and the Meaning of Life - Essay Example

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This essay asks and answers the question what are death and the meaning of life? The short answer is no, there is no meaning to life. Given that the above two premises are accepted as fact, Nagel says without meaning after death and without meaning during life, there can be no meaning to life. …
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Death and the Meaning of Life
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Download file to see previous pages As the discussion declares the obvious hole in this line of reasoning is the idea that the soul might be able to detach itself from the body and continue to exist, regardless of its exact form and nature. Although he admits there is a chance the soul could continue to exist, he indicates it would be so changed by the transformation that it would no longer be the same individual known in life. Nagel fails to take into account the possibility that the soul, once freed of the body, might have to make some adjustments, but could become something in addition to what it was in this life, kind of like waking up from a dream. You remember who you were, but you are now something more as well and can refocus your attention to developing that new aspect of yourself.
This paper stresses that the idea that death is just another step taken in the evolutionary journey of an individual would support this assumption, with the resulting inner life being not exactly the same as it was in the body, but not necessarily different, either. One could argue that the change itself is enough to denote a different nature to the soul, but that would only be in the sense that one is a different person after having learned to speak Spanish after speaking English. Even if we manage to accomplish something in one life that has far-reaching effects on future generations, such as a life-changing novel or a great political upheaval that brings change upon the way future generations will live. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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