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The essay "Invention of Press and Advertisement Technology" will shed the light on the development of printing press technology starting from its origin and throughout history. The essay specifically focuses on the innovations of The Columbian press, the pioneer in the newborn industry at the time…
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Invention of Press and Advertisement Technology
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The Columbian press is one of the nineteenth-century iron hand presses that are most memorable because of their striking appearance. It was the first-hand press to be manufactured in high numbers by many firms for approximately a hundred years. Its development was in connection with the invention of the iron casting technique. The Columbian press had a striking ornamental appearance; it consisted of extraordinary features from head to foot. The printing press was made completely of iron. The lowering of the platen of the press was enhanced by the levers and a piston together with a series of counterweights (Moran 64). The parts of the Columbian printing press included the American eagle perching rebelliously with not only outstretched wings, but also open beak on the focal counterbalance lever. The eagle acted as a counterbalance weight that was adjusted by sliding it along the focal counterbalance lever (Mullins 17). The clutching of a flight of Jove’s thunderbolts by the eagle’s talons represents war while on the contrary the olive branch of peace, as well as Horn of Plenty, signifies prosperity. The main counterbalance is tipped in one of its ends to form an arrow that rests in the horn-like opening of the crescent moon. The other end of the counterbalance is coiled to form something like a dolphin; its open jaws suitably hold the hook that connects it with the top end of the great lever (Mullins 17). A similar creature (dolphin) also extends along the top front of the great lever. The Columbian has two pillars that are decorated with the caduceus. The right-hand pillar also has a conventional ear of wheat near its top. The type table of the Columbian was also made out of iron, and it was wound below the printing platen (Mullins 17). Printing of the materials was enhanced by exerting force through wood on the printing table. The Columbian printing press stands on four legs made of iron. The ends of the legs are molded to form something like the paws of a lion.
Despite proving to be a bit faster than the past printers, advancement in technology led to other inventions that led to the abandonment of use of weights and levers. For instance, mechanization of printing was started in 1824. As a result of this, gears and power were added to the wooden-framed platen press. This type of press led to the production of high-quality prints in the nineteenth century. The new media today incorporates computers into the printing process. The balancing of the elements for quality production of prints is not done physically by balancing weights. The development of electronic devices in addition to the other technological devices has led to the evolution of printing. The development of typewriters as well as personal computers with the ability to deliver justified and well-proportioned copies have led to the extensive production of diverse types of printing. In tandem with this assertion, new media use high-speed rotary printing in producing bulks of printer products such as books, newspapers, and magazines.
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