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Apple IPhone 5s Advertisement Campaign - Assignment Example

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This high school assignment focuses on Apple IPhone 5s advertisement campaign. It describes strategies Apple company used to promote their new smartphone, such as online advertisement and outdoor advertisement. It also explains the main message of the adverts used for promotion…
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Apple IPhone 5s Advertisement Campaign
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Extract of sample "Apple IPhone 5s Advertisement Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages Advertising, that is discussed in this assignment normally serves a key role when in the field of business communication. This is because through proper advertising, a corporations, like Apple are in a position to reach its target customers hence high income in form of sales. In this high school assignment, advertisement campaign that promoted Apple Iphone 5S is researched. During this campaign, the Apple company used three main advertisement platforms: print, online and outdoor.

This essay focuses on describing real examples from the Iphone 5s campaign, message of an advert that was created, advertising outlets, audience targeted, such as teenagers and business persons, development of the promotion design, duration of the Apple campaign, and a number of tactics used.

Also this assignment explains various advertising forms, that the company may adher to, such as pioneering, competition and reinforcement. It the pioneering stage, the Apple company went to the people to offer information about their latest product besides benefits that come along with owning one. To be at par with its competitors, such as Sumsung, the Apple company marketers emphasized to their target customers the uniqueness of the device compared to other devices.

In conclusion, this essay states that big advertisement campaign, that Apple created fr Iphone 5s is very effective. It will stay for a long period in people's minds and continuous advertisement would result to even more customers, which normally translates to sales. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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