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Crisis communicate - Essay Example

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A writer for Ad Age Blogs, Bob Garfield recounts Domino’s Crisis in an online article. Garfield (2010) notes that on April 2009, an Easter Sunday, two employees of Domino’s who worked in a store based in North Carolina felt…
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Crisis communicate
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Download file to see previous pages The videos were watched by at least 1 million people all over the world until the videos were finally pulled out of the social media almost two days later (Jacques, 2009).
Vice President of Corporate Communications, Tim McIntyre, carried out an analysis of the situation within the first 24 hours of the release of the videos and reached the conclusion that the videos were not a prank. This led to his communication, both externally and internally, with the concerned audience that included but was not limited to the security head, senior management team, and social media people. McIntyre collaborated with, the consumer watchdog organization, that alerted the top management of Domino’s about the videos, that led to the identification of the workers as Michael Setzer and Kristy Hammond. Customer’s requests were started to be responded to by the company on Twitter by Tuesday. Common questions of the customers included whether the videos were released deliberately by the company or if the management was surprised at the release; why the management had not issued an official statement about the videos; and what would the management do about the whole crisis (Jacques, 2009). President of Domino’s Pizza, Patrick Doyle, officially recorded an apology by Wednesday which was uploaded on YouTube. The crisis was captured in case studies and articles by a host of bloggers and journalists over the following many days. This paper provides an analysis of the crisis communication strategies used by Domino’s Pizza after an unfortunate incident it experienced in 2009.
The Arthur W. Page Society is charged with “embracing the highest professional standards; advancing the way communications is understood, practiced and taught; and providing a collegial and dynamic learning environment” (Arthur W. Page Society, 2015a). On its website, the Arthur W. Page Society enlists these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Crisis Communicate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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