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Sexual Orientation in Organizational Communications - Essay Example

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The question of sexual orientation within corporate systems has been controversial for a long time. Globalization has made racial, gender, national, and sexual differences less evident and made communities and corporations more open toward differences…
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Sexual Orientation in Organizational Communications
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Download file to see previous pages Despite serious social movement of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community in recent decades, the minority of people are still fighting for equality. And in this fight corporations are extremely important in terms of the LGBT community acknowledgment because they can provide their employees with decent support and do it more profoundly than country and local authorities (LGTB Manual, 2010).
There are few companies that are able to risk their reputation, unless their reputation is so immaculate, and make such a contradictory issue as accepting non-traditional sexual orientation of the employees in company`s policy. Such companies receive unnecessary attention and their public relations sphere is suffering. In such a situation Disney, the company specializing in the children`s entertainment content and supporting homosexuality acknowledgment at working places looks absolutely extraordinary (Tully, 2013).However, Disney was and remains such company, and despite its worldwide success it is being accused of promoting immoral values to the future generation. Reasonably it raises a lot of questions regarding the place of homosexual propaganda in a corporate world and especially in children`s content. However, Disney manages to communicate to the world that their policy is grounded on higher values such as equality, acceptance, and diversity, and sticking to these goals can serve as the most important factor. Moreover, Disney`s internal policy of visibility is coherent with its external representation which proves that the company has a well-elaborated policy and know what image to create in consumers` perception.
Disney was established in 1923 by two brothers, Walter and Roy Disney as a small cartoon studio in California. Today this multinational corporation is one of the biggest Hollywood studios and is the owner of 11 theme parks around the planet, two aqua parks, and several broadcasting companies. The company`s main product was children`s animation movies before it launched its radio, films, and entertainment facilities (Corporate History, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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