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What is communication How do you think that the meaning of communication has evolved in recent years Where is communication going - Essay Example

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Every day, every hour we try to pass some factual information, thoughts or express our emotions to another person or group of people. We do…
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What is communication How do you think that the meaning of communication has evolved in recent years Where is communication going
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that people speak numerous languages they still try to find a common meaning in everything that happens around. So it is communication that allows us solving problems effectively between people, building relationships, and arranging effective work. It is communication that leads to interaction and makes the world go round.
Communication basically is the act of information (which can vary from facts and statistics to the most subtle emotions) transmission from one person to another with the purpose of connections establishment and its further development between people. Communication usually means information transmission with the help of verbal and non-verbal (with the help of gestures and facial expressions) means. Communication is inevitable because any human activity is impossible without it and it is the only method of effective interaction. There are several conditions for real communication. There need to be at least two participants for performing communication. And of course there have to be the information to be transmitted. They have to pass the information, feelings, ideas in order to create some shared common meaning and understand each other. Communication is meant to connect people or groups of people and make them understand something is more or less similar way.
However, it is strange to realize that most of what people are trying to transmit in the course of verbal communication gets distorted. It happens because there is no possibility that the information that was encoded will be absolutely equal to the information that was decoded. It reminds interpretation from English to Chinese, no matter how accurate it will be the meaning still be slightly different because people of different cultures do not perceive different concepts in the same way. So there are numerous reasons why message is often perceived wrong: cultural and traditional differences, focusing on personal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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