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Examine broken blossoms significance as an early example of Hollywoods portrayal of Asian culture - Essay Example

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This is possible because Hollywood is based in the United States, and for that, only cultures based on the US were mostly available. In addition, cultures different from the…
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Examine broken blossoms significance as an early example of Hollywoods portrayal of Asian culture
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Extract of sample "Examine broken blossoms significance as an early example of Hollywoods portrayal of Asian culture"

Download file to see previous pages Movies were being made showing both existing and new trends in life. In the light of these, movies such as Broken Blossoms were made with themes or aspects that reflected other cultures. In this 1900s, Hollywood did not offer Asian culture much positivity in their movies. In most cases, they were viewed as outcasts, strange, and mysterious. This does not mean that Hollywood held anything against Asians; rather, it is possible that due to its short-termed experience with the culture, it might have misunderstood or misinterpreted it. All in all, these are examples of the earliest inclusion of Asian Culture in Hollywood. The following study text will evaluate the 1919 American silent film and in it highlight the different examples of Asian culture as applied within it.
The film revolves around Cheng Huan, a Chinese, who leaves for the Anglo-Saxon lands to spread Buddha’s message. Upon getting to London, his dream of spreading Buddhism is endangered by the reality that he finds there; that everyone is too preoccupied with their individual lives. As such, his chances of succeeding are low. He however finds a way through when he meets Lucy Burrows. Burrows is the daughter of a fierce boxer, Battling Burrows. She seems unwanted and mistreated by her father. One evening, she is beaten and sent away by her father and when she is out there, meets Cheng Huan. Huan nurses Miss Burrows and as she recovers, they develop a mutual relationship. They are similar in that both seem misplaced in society. Their relationship is interrupted when Battling hears of their relationship and goes to get her. He drags her home, drunk. Once in her room, she fears her father’s temper and contemptuous behavior and locks herself in a closet to escape him. Battling however finds her and beats her lifeless. Cheng pursues the tow and by the time he accesses her room, it is too late. Coincidentally, Battling bursts into Miss Burrows’ room as he wants ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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