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Global Marketing and Advertising - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Global Marketing and Advertising” the author provides the case study, where the marketers of whiskey in the global market continue to adopt local media in advertising. Marketers have two basic objectives, which include the sustaining the current market and expanding the market to new regions…
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Global Marketing and Advertising
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Extract of sample "Global Marketing and Advertising"

Download file to see previous pages Such is an effective strategy that ensures that they develop advertising contents that resonate with the uniqueness of the respective markets. Key among the factors that influence the decisions to localize advertising is the fact that emerging markets become the most lucrative markets for some of the leading global brands. They must, therefore, find appropriate ways of penetrating the unique markets.
Hollensen, (2004) asserts that localizing advertisement is vital since it limits the costs of marketing to the prevailing marketing costs in any given market. Introducing a new product in a new market requires the company to employ appropriate brand development strategies. Developing a brand requires the effective introduction of the product a feature that validates the localized advertising. Any company such as those marketing whiskeys like Johnnie Walker cannot employ the same marketing strategies it uses in the United States in such a new country as China. The United States is an established market. Johnnie Walker is a stable brand and a market leader in the country. In China, Johnnie Walker is a new brand with the company barely introducing its products. The company, therefore, uses localized advertising in China with the view to introducing and developing a brand in the country as it has in the United States.
In emerging markets, the company uses basic target market strategies such as the marketing mix. The marketing mix is a vital introductory and product developmental strategy that presents specific features of a product (Kotler & Armstrong, 1991). Key among such features is the product itself, the price of the product, place, and promotion. The attractiveness of the emerging markets often enhances the development of a scramble for the market. This requires strategic yet aggressive marketing that validates the use of the marketing mix since it presents the price of a product as a major competitive advantage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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