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As the popularity of mobile technology continues to soar, unintended and even dangerous consequences such as texting while driving become ever increasing. Texting while…
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Your OMG and LOL can wait, Drive safe
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Persuasive Letter Mr Jordan Belfort, Editor Campus Vibe, Somerset Univesity, Somerset, VA 34567 Dear Mr. Belfort: Subject: Avoiding Texting while driving
With the onset of social media and emergent technology, texting has become synonymous with present day life. As the popularity of mobile technology continues to soar, unintended and even dangerous consequences such as texting while driving become ever increasing. Texting while driving is observed to be a growing trend and a national epidemic at that. It is quickly ranking as one of the nation’s top killers.
According to statistics from the national safety council, 23% of auto collisions in 2011 involved cell phones ( The council reports that text messaging increases the likelihood of a car crash by 23 times. Teenagers are more tempted at texting while driving with a reported 13% of drivers aged between 18 and 20 who were involved in car wrecks admitting to texting or talking on their mobile devices at the time of the crash.
With an increasing number of young mobile device and car owners, it is imperative that your magazine conduct sensitization on the subject of texting while driving. This will go a long way in educating the young adults in the campus who are the target readers for your magazine. It will also help to reduce and prevent the number of lives that may be lost through texting while driving. I look forward to see a number of pages in your popular magazine dedicated towards providing sensitivity on the issue.
Yours sincerely,
Works Cited, texting and driving. Because Texting and Driving Kills. 10 November 2014. 10 November 2014 . Read More
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(Your OMG and LOL Can Wait, Drive Safe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Your OMG and LOL Can Wait, Drive Safe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Your OMG and LOL Can Wait, Drive Safe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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