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Argument about abortion - Essay Example

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Such debate has also been witnessed among politicians. An example of such debate took place between Gyan and Biden. The paper seeks to focus on analyzing this debate and take a stand on the…
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Argument about abortion
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the people believe in abortion while others are against abortion. From the video discussion between Gyan and Biden shows how people differ in their thoughts in regards to abortion. Gyan believes that the abortion should be illegal and should only be allowed in exceptional circumstances like the case of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is in danger. Additionally, according to Gyan he respects other people religion and opinion concerning abortion. Gyan is deeply concerned about the Obamacare on how it is handling the issue of abortion. Since this is a controversial topic, Gyan proposes that it needs more mind and more stakeholders to handle this matter through their elective posts (WSJ, 2008). According to him, life begins at conception. He reveals how using the ultrasound technology saw the tiny life in the shape of a bean in the womb of the mother. As a result, Gyan proposes that everybody should be given a chance in life and that life begins with conception. Gyan is critical with the Obamacare because, the insurance scheme is taxing the taxpayers to fund abortion related cases. The issue becomes even more controversial in that the vice president Mr. Biden had travelled to China to see how the one child policy works with forced sterility. He was critical to that issue that the Obama administration wanted to borrow the same policy into the United States of America.
On the other hand, Biden differs with Gyan on the issue of abortion in that the democratic government respects the views of all religions concerning abortion. He further emphasizes that the issue of abortion should be left to the judges and the doctors as the one who have the final say (WSJ, 2008). He also notes that no religion that has given contraception a priority. He says that birth controls are not an issue on various religions, and the matter should be left to judges and any representatives that may be appointed by the president to work on it.
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