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Abortion means terminating a pregnancy so that it does not result in the birth of a child. Though terminating a pregnancy is a major decision and an extremely difficult one to make, millions of women take this decision and decide to abort illegally…
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Why abortion should be illegal
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Why abortion should be illegal Abortion means terminating a pregnancy so that it does not result in the birth of a child. Though terminating a pregnancy is a major decision and an extremely difficult one to make, millions of women take this decision and decide to abort illegally. There is difference in the law of abortion in different countries. For instance, in the UK it is legal for termination to be carried out up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. On the other hand abortion in the United States is a highly-charged issue with significant political and ethical debate. Statistics point out that, there were 854,122 legal induced abortions reported to CDC in the US in 2003 (Strauss, et al., 2006).
If abortions are legal, there are several problems that can occur. For instance, the number of abortions can increase tremendously. In families where there is a gender bias, it can result in the termination of unwanted gender. Additionally, it can also result in youngsters getting involved in unsafe sex. Though getting an abortion is a difficult decision to make, many women take this decision under pressure. It is also an emotionally disturbing decision as the process requires the pregnant women to go through a procedure where the fetus in the uterus is killed and extracted from their body. Abortion is a morally wrong decision and it affects society, families, and the individuals who allow the procedure to be done. It is important to note that there are several methods to avoid pregnancy and people should adopt these methods to prevent pregnancy than to terminate it and that's why it should be illegal. Today, it is important to create awareness among the youth that abstinence from sex is a good option so that they would never have to worry about experiencing an unwanted pregnancy.
Each one of us is born when an egg is fertilized by a sperm. We would not have been born if our mothers had decided to abort us when we were fetus. Abortion is killing a human, even though it isn't born, and it should be illegal. Though it is a fetus we should not think that it does not have any significance. It is still living and it has every right to live. The fetus is still alive and growing and has the full potential to grow as a complete human being. If any one kills it, then it is equivalent to killing a human being and is equivalent to a criminal murder.
Though legal abortion protects women's health, it should be opted only under certain conditions. For instance, for tens of thousands of women with various health challenges such as heart disease, kidney disease, severe hypertension, sickle-cell anemia and severe diabetes, and other illnesses can be life-threatening, if the pregnancy is sustained. In such cases the availability of legal abortion can help turn away serious medical complications that could have resulted from childbirth. However, other than these health problems abortions should be considered illegal.
The idea and practice of ending the life of the unborn child just for the sake of convenience can be considered as barbarism. If couples do not want children, they should use preventive methods of pregnancy rather than opting for abortion. Every child is the creation of God and the world would be a better place if we could somehow avoid abortion. Abortion is an issue that evokes very strong feelings and judgments. One of the most common arguments to legalize abortion is that though it may be illegal it will continue to be practiced. However, the problem with such way of thinking is that it could just as easily give us an argument for legalizing crimes such as murder, robbery or rape. These are illegal acts in the society but they just continue to happen. What ever be the case, it is important to make abortion illegal. As making it an illegal concept in the society, at least a few of them may restrain from aborting.
Strauss, L.T. et al. (2006) Abortion Surveillance - United States, 2003, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Retrieved on 31 July 2007 from Read More
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