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Mediation is a procedure where the mediator in a given situation or tries to reach out for a solution that can help end a conflict between two parties. Workplace mediation is the mediation done in a working place. This solution will not only help end the misunderstanding it will…
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Questions October 29, Question In your own words, define workplace mediation. Mediation is a procedure where the mediator in a given situation or tries to reach out for a solution that can help end a conflict between two parties. Workplace mediation is the mediation done in a working place. This solution will not only help end the misunderstanding it will also enhance the relationship of the two conflict parties.
Question 2: A mediator must possess certain skills to be effective (p. 8). In your opinion, which skills would be critical or more important to have in order to be an effective mediator?
Active listening is the most crucial skill a mediator should have because listening carefully helps him/her to understand the problem from all parties. This can be the foundation of the whole mediating process. It help the mediation to understand the situation correctly and everything else will be built on that. Mediation also requires critical thinking and making unbiased decisions. This therefore calls for impartiality and avoiding to take sides so as to reconcile the conflicting parties.
Question 3: There are six main principles of mediation (p. 12). Would you add or delete any principles?
I would like to add competency/ capability. If the mediator has this abilities, he can facilitate the mediation in unlimited kind of conflicts. On top of this the mediator should be aware of his limitation before he starts. This will ensure that he/she embarks to correct them as they may impact negatively upon him/her making the process of mediation complicated or impossible. Read More
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