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The global market is alive to various forms of advertisements that include print, broadcast, and verbal advertisement. Print advertisements entail magazines, newspaper, billboards, and…
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Magazine Content Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Some magazines target the minority while others target the majority. Indeed, we have minority-targeted magazine like the Black Enterprise magazine and mainstream-targeted magazines like BusinessWeek magazine. This paper presents a content analysis of minority and mainstream magazines. In doing so, the paper will explain how advertisement in minority-targeted magazines and mainstream-targeted magazine by establishing the similarities and differences there in.
Ideally, advertising produces magazines that target diverse audience. A mainstream-targeted magazine refers to a magazine with a huge readership and demographic categories while minority-targeted magazine relates to a magazine with limited readership and few demographic categories. In the recent times, the number of minority-targeted magazines have been increasing subject to the appreciation, increase, and buying power of the minority. Indeed, advertisers have realized the potential in the minority and have since tailored different advertisements targeting their needs, perception, and potential. The frequency and quantity of minority-targeted magazines have led to an intrusive and consistent mode of advertising that the minority cannot afford to disregard. Some of the minority-targeted magazines include the Black Enterprise magazine, African American Golfers Digest, Black Collegian Magazine, and Black Men Magazine.
With respect to the Black Enterprise magazine, we can establish that the magazine is more prominent in black neighborhoods. The magazine has a capacity to reach about 6 million people and hence the need to analyze the content of the adverts contained in the magazine. The content in Black Enterprise magazine seems to target Black Americans and their needs. Notably, the magazine contains adverts of cigarettes and alcoholic drinks that suit the social needs and purchasing power of the blacks. Most notable is the fact that adverts in the Black Enterprise magazine ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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