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Social networks and the internet shrink our understanding of the world. Argue your position on this statement - Essay Example

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The rise of social media has transformed the way people connect and interact with each other. Moreover, irrespective of the geographical boundaries and differences,…
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Social networks and the internet shrink our understanding of the world. Argue your position on this statement
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Extract of sample "Social networks and the internet shrink our understanding of the world. Argue your position on this statement"

Download file to see previous pages At the initial stages, the excitement and hype involved in the development of new technology prevent to outlook the negative consequences. It becomes hard to find any people who are not connected to any forms of social media. The prime purpose of the report is to argue on the statement the internet and the social networks can shrink the people’s understanding of the world.
The emergence of social media is a perfect intermediate for individual to connect with each other via internet. The introduction of social media has completely altered the human relationship dynamics in to new perspective. The pivotal cause of drastic growth of this new technology is the ability of creating user-generated content. The downside of the causal connection in electronic surroundings can shrink the understanding of the world. Recent survey states that, more than 90% of the total world population is some way or another connected to social media and internet (Giuffre, 2013, p.18). This resembles the massive growth of social media has encouraged people to provide power in their hand and can act as a communication tool. Social media has become an inevitable part of human lives as it created a global reach for human beings to share information, knowledge and communicate. In today’s society, routines and daily patterns of internet and social media has become more popular due to the upsurge of number of internet users (Lyron, 2010, p.8). According to Georgetown University, “the rise of social media and internet means that everyone is critic and publisher”.
According to Ethan Zuckerman, the enormous amount of information can be acquired from social media and internet but problem arises when people do not necessarily know about the information and knowledge that are required to know about the world (Johnson, 2010, p.78). It is true that, the wider expansion of social media has benefited people to gain knowledge and discover ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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