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Why Mainstream Social Networks Complicate Our Identities - Research Proposal Example

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The following paper “Why Mainstream Social Networks Complicate Our Identities” looks at the inherent attribute of human beings as social animals, which has been the primary cause and motive for the establishment of collective groups and communal cliques…
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Why Mainstream Social Networks Complicate Our Identities
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Download file to see previous pages All aspects of the environment were perceived as threats due to the relatively untrained and primordial perception and capacity of the early inhabitants. In the first stage, the social consciousness of the people was centered on the tribe as the singular commune existing in their periphery. Posner (1) maintained that during the early times, thinking outside the delimitations set by the tribal unit, practice and tradition is akin to modern-day treason. As such, the mindset of the early civilizations with regards to social acuity has been primarily limited to the concept of a tribe. The second stage is marked by the enlightenment of the individual as they began to have a more profound understanding of their environment and how they can suit their needs according to the change in times. Posner (2) argued that during this stage, people began to engage themselves into their surrounding thereby formulating smaller groups in their community. During this time, tribe members also started to interact with other members of neighboring tribes signifying the beginning of trade and commerce. Due to the awakening, the early people began to notice an opportunity to improve their way of life by mastering his environment and becoming an active player in the communal exchange. This then became the catalyst that spurted man’s ingenuity to discover matter and manner that went on well through time. The third stage is the mental stage characterized by people’s accumulation of knowledge and a keen mastery of his way of life. A system of education is likewise formed where the past is ultimately utilized as the main yardstick for future endeavors. Also, this stage is marked by advancements the systems of economy, politics and social interactions. Developments in science, communications, and technology likewise exemplify this stage. In this regard, people became more sophisticated with innovative types of machinery, gadgets and systemic processes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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|Essay on Social Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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