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Negotiation Between Local and Global Discourse - Assignment Example

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This paper "Negotiation Between Local and Global Discourse" discusses several issues, for instance, the globalizing effects of the internet are fundamentally changing humanity, the community concept persists in the face of global influence, both the concept of literacy are changing, etc…
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Negotiation Between Local and Global Discourse
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Extract of sample "Negotiation Between Local and Global Discourse"

Download file to see previous pages People like Ralph Nader see globalization largely in terms of Western hegemonic power, wherein large corporate entities spread throughout the world out of profit motivation. This understanding of the globalizing process can be contrasted with the local concept, wherein culture is largely produced locally and the world remains a decently stratified entity. As a consumer and future business leader this understanding is highly applicable as it involves the idea that some products must be marketed on a specific local level to be successful. There is also research that contradicts this, such as a much-cited article by professor Theodore Levitt which states, “’ in order to survive in a competitive environment, business firms need to operate as if the world were one large market’, ignoring what he called "superficial regional and national differences." (Cheney, 2004, p.389)
My personal conceptions of globalization in the market place is that business leaders must adopt a hybrid understanding of both the globalizing effects of electronic culture and the tendency of culture to define itself in opposition, such that the very idea of a global culture is inimical to the concept of culture itself. If I am to succeed in business in the global market place this is a key insight that must be implemented.

The globalizing hold of the World Wide Web carries important ramifications for the changing nature of humanity. The use of SNS, text messaging, and Google, are bringing ideas and people together in new ways. These technologies are reshaping racial divides and altering the very way we view the human.

A number of researchers understand the influence of global electronic culture in conservative ways, “Not quite a broken promise, the notion of cyberspace as an emancipatory sphere has been updated by many scholars to reflect the fact that by changing the way we do things, we do not necessarily change the things we do.” (Wilson & Peterson 2002, as cited in Cook, 2004, p. 105). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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