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In her famous article “Post Feminism and Popular Culture” (McRobbie 2004), she argues that the popular culture during the 1990’s is marked with the achievements carried out by the Feminist…
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Text and PPT for required article reading discussion (500 words with ppt)
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Precis on Post Feminism and Popular Culture Angela McRobbie holds a big in the research field of feminist culture. In her famous article “Post Feminism and Popular Culture” (McRobbie 2004), she argues that the popular culture during the 1990’s is marked with the achievements carried out by the Feminist movement. The women have found their role in every field of life in competition with men. This change has sprung some success for them. There has been more talk about female interests on different forums.
According to Angela McRobbie, the role of women has been highlighted in various institutions including law, education, medicine, employment, and the media. As a result of the contribution of women in these niches, their importance and value is proven significantly. This is the bright picture of the decade following 1990 that women began to realize their importance in the society and began actively participating in different fields of life.
The writer also argues that women have not only become part of different sectors of social life, they have proven that they could be as good or even better than men in some fields. The success of women in society after 1990 implies that the institutions have brought positive change to utilize the skills and knowledge of women for the betterment of society.
This arguments of Angela McRobbie regarding success of women in the post-feminism era after 1990 show that feminism has been taken into account in only certain niches of the society. The institutions became modern with respect to their teachings and behavior. They contain women as their integral part that has undermined their feminism a great deal. As the women got educated to higher levels, their thinking developed against feminism.
The writer also presented one important point in the article that feminism has been considered only off and on in the era following 1990. Feminism requires women to understand their true power in the society that marks their success. However, their spiritual values shouldn’t be sacrificed in any case.
The degradation of feminism is embedded even in the success of women in different sectors of life. When you find women in the leading roles of the society, they have to forget about the conventional thinking. As they become more educated, the elements of feminism will reduce automatically and these factors will be replaced by modernism.
The involvement of both sexes in different fields of life is a bright prospect for the economy of the countries. There will be more people working for the welfare of the society. However, the success for women is not only becoming an active part of the society, but also to secure their feminism that is vital for the growth of ethical values of the society that is getting degraded by every passing day.
In short, suppression of feminism is more significant as compared to the success of women in finding their true character in the society. The modernism has virtually masked the undermining of feminism by showing bright aspects of women becoming part of important institutions.
McRobbie, A 2004, Post Feminism and Popular Culture, Feminist Media Studies, vol 4, no. 3. Read More
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