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Reflecive journal inspired by different kinds of media practices and ideas related to my module - Essay Example

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After reading the articles and slides the basic topic that comes in front of us is that what is convergence and how the government allows it regulation. Before we go towards the regulation we should first know what convergence really is. Convergence is the idea or perspective…
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Reflecive journal inspired by different kinds of media practices and ideas related to my module
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Download file to see previous pages It is regarded as a recent style as such mechanical potential is very newly set so that low cost and extensive execution can be performed. It allows the effective use of space and potential by allowing various functions to be executed on an individual device. Convergence further has two wider ranges of description and they are technological convergence and media convergence (Arenaza, 2010).
Technological convergence is the procedure in which the prevailing machinery that integrates in to new configurations that bring about various kinds of applications and media. Recent appliances and machinery generally manage a particular instruction or to execute some primary jobs (Wise Geek, 2014). Technological convergence allows different devices to collaborate with a broader arrangement of media kinds. With technological improvement, brand new versions of the devices may compromise extra characteristics which were not available in the previous one (Techopedia, 2014). Media convergence is the fact that includes the linkage of communication and information technologies, media material and computer systems. Media convergence is the immediate result of the digitalization of media content and the fame of the Internet. It alters prominent organizations, services and work execution and allows absolutely new designs of content to appear (Flew, 2014).
Such advancements can be used both ways either for the good or for the bad. The good is always appreciated by the people and especially the government as it makes their work easier while the bad is always criticized by the people and especially the government as it increases their work to maintain law and order. To make sure that media is not being used for the bad, governments make rules and regulations which restrict the media to a certain limits and ensure that the limits are not being crossed. The communication and media organizations are now few of the major industries of the society. After the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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