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What form of audience do social tags of this kind enable Discuss the social and communicative properties of this kind of audience, using these tweets as evidence to support your claims - Essay Example

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The use of tags facilities quick location of information related to a particular subject area or a given task. It also enhances information sharing between people…
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What form of audience do social tags of this kind enable Discuss the social and communicative properties of this kind of audience, using these tweets as evidence to support your claims
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Extract of sample "What form of audience do social tags of this kind enable Discuss the social and communicative properties of this kind of audience, using these tweets as evidence to support your claims"

Download file to see previous pages Social tagging also plays a major role in connecting the users who have similar interests. The users can be able to share among themselves relevant piece of information regarding their area of interest (OReilly, & Milstein, 2009).
Different tweets are usually posted to address different types of audiences. The different types of audiences have a common characteristic in that they are all imaginary in the mind of the writer. The three main types of audiences to which tweets can be addressed include (Clark 2012); the writer’s audience, the networked audience, and the broadcast audience.
The writer’s audience: In this type of audience, the user tries to imagine the potential audience that have a high likelihood of gaining interest in the intended tweet and composes the tweet that is tailored for the perceived audience. The user tries to form a picture of the audience in his/her mind in order to compose a tweet that will meet the needs of that specified group of audience. The user usually expects responses from the audience.
The broadcast audience: In type of audience, the user does not have a specific group of audiences in mind. The user just composes a tweet that is intended for any audience. For this situation, the user does not expect to get any response regarding the tweet. They compose a tweet that is meant for the consumption of the general public, and response for them is not a priority.
The networked audience: This type of audience combines the characteristics of both the writer and the broadcast audience. Unlike in the broadcast audience, the user here composes a tweet that is intended of a large group of audience, but he/she has an idea of the type of audience to which the tweet is intended for. Just like in the writer’s audience, the user here also expects to get responses from the audience regarding the tweet.
According to the sample tweets that have been provided, the form of audience that is most likely to be enable is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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