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Yes, it is true that bundling has its weaknesses due to which people are more and more getting attracted toward the to-the-point and bundle-free features provided over the network via internet and smartphones. For example, commercials and advertisements made viewing a TV show…
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Your full May 2, Opinion Paper Yes, it is true that bundling has its weaknesses due to which people are more and more getting attracted toward the to-the-point and bundle-free features provided over the network via internet and smartphones. For example, commercials and advertisements made viewing a TV show very time-consuming when the user did not want to watch the advertisements that he was not attracted to. Now, he can open a web link where the recorded show is being played, and he can watch the whole show without having to see the unwanted advertisements. Today, who would want to spare that much time over viewing unwanted things bundled with one wanted thing, in such a busy world? I think that this is a bad news for cable providers, since modern people have now opted for technological options where they do not even have to pay to watch bundle-free programs and features. This is also a bad news of advertisers, but not that much as they can always opt for marketing their products on internet websites. However, autonomy has been given to the user as he can avoid bundles after considering what his routine allows him. I believe that gone are the days when people would sit in front of the TV for long hours, skimming through channels, viewing content that they did not intend to view, and waiting for their favorite program to start off. This is the blessing that came with tech advancement, and users must take advantage of this because they must be aware of the value of their time in this busy world. Read More
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Opinion about the Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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