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Many people were moved into the club during the scuffle and then back outside which then impaired drivers on the road as activity…
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Writing a news story
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Violence on the Rise Due to Binge Drinking: Four Injured in Friday Night Brawl Outside of Mooloolaba this past Friday night outside of the surf club on Mooloolaba Esplanade, there was a 25-person brawl that injured four people. Many people were moved into the club during the scuffle and then back outside which then impaired drivers on the road as activity had spilled onto the street.
Six officers tried to break up the brawl; one was hit in the face but did not sustain injuries. Three people involved were arrested and held overnight, but will be in court Monday facing charges of public nuisance and assault.
Sergeant Bryan Thomsen of the Queensland police stated the violence in the area is getting worse and it seems to occur every weekend. The culture of the area is becoming wilder with more drug use and binge drinking in the restaurant strip at Mooloolaba, especially because many of the coast-licensed venues drew in a large crowd on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
“Frankly, our officers are sick of it. These people need to take responsibility for themselves,” he said. “If they won’t we will make them by breaking these incidents up and arresting the troublemakers … yeah, it’s bad now, worse than any time I can remember.”
Of the four people hurt, they suffered minor cuts and bruises. One man, Patrick Johnston, 23, of Budherism, was knocked unconscious after he sustained a deep cut to the forehead and was transported by ambulance to Nambour Hospital.
Tourists are being issued warnings about the potential of danger near clubs and restaurants on Sunshine Coast. Mooloolaba is currently ranked sixth on a list of most dangerous Australian hot spots.

“Yeah, we worry, really. There is blood in the streets. There are people being hurt and others being affected because these things are spilling into the streets and there is a ripple effect,” Sergeant Thomsen said. “It’s bad, mate, really bad.”
One interview that I would suggest to strengthen this story would be one of an eye witness who saw the entire incident. To learn more about violence in the area, I would suggest talking to local owners of the clubs and restaurants to see more about what they think about the increase in violence and why they think that the area is ranked so high as a violent area. That person would be a good source of information. Another source of information would be a survey of how many police incidents have occurred in the area in a certain period of time and if it has changed since the prior year. Read More
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