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Imitation a story - Essay Example

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A writer is expected to compile information concerning a particular topic, in a manner that millions of people will understand. Owing to the demanding nature of this work, writers are expected to produce accurate, fair and…
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Imitation a story
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Extract of sample "Imitation a story"

Module Writing a News Report Writing a news report is a challenging yet simple task. A is expected to compile informationconcerning a particular topic, in a manner that millions of people will understand. Owing to the demanding nature of this work, writers are expected to produce accurate, fair and impartial articles. According to Sambrook, director at BBC news, clear storytelling and language, is the heart of journalism (Allen 7). The purpose of this article is to identify the unique writing styles in a news script and to imitate these writing styles to develop an interesting script.
The main objective of writing a script is to be clear, concise and accurate. First, the headline is expected to give a summary of the story and catches the attention of the reader (Simnet & reed 2). The lead paragraph should consist of simple sentences. Moreover, the sentences should be constructed using one subject and one verb. The writer is expected to avoid the use of words such as however or furthermore as they complicate the sentence. The first paragraph is expected to contain a placeline. A placeline captures the attention of the reader and introduces the story. The 5 W’s of writing should be answered with the first paragraph. The 5W consists of questions such as what happened, Where, Why and Who (Simnett & Reed 2). The first paragraph contains the most important information about the story. The script is also expected to transition smoothly from one paragraph to the next. The writer should avoid repetition and is encouraged to use direct quotations as they add to the accuracy of the information. The simple sentence structure is Subject-Verb-Object (Allen 13). The story should be based on factual events. The language of the article should not describe the news. The writer is expected to let the listeners decide whether the news is good or bad (Allen 14).
2000 Pompeii Citizens Die in Volcanic Eruption
Pompeii - 2000 people died owing to a volcanic eruption in the Italian region of Campania. The eruption of Mt. Vesavius occurred on Tuesday at 4:15am. The eruption occurred unexpectedly destroying the entire city in its wake.
A spokesman for the refugees of the city claimed that people were unprepared for the unexpected tragedy. One witness told BBC that the inhabitants of the city were reluctant to leave their homes, believing that the impact of the eruption would not affect them.
Children are said to be among the victims.
The senator of Rome Protagoras called it “One of the greatest tragedies of the century.”
On a visit to the region of Campania, the Senator said, “Only the gods can explain why this catastrophe would befall such a beautiful city.” The senator told the citizens of Campania that the tragedy was an indication that the region is unsafe. The senator advised the remaining citizens to abandon the region of Campania.
Geologists assessing the catastrophe state that the people died as a result of the huge amounts of ash fall and poisonous gas emitted from the volcano.
One of the geologists told BBC that Mt. Vesuvius is an active volcano with a previous history of eruption. According to geologists, the last time the volcano exploded was 50 years ago.
Eyewitnesses told BBC that “The dust from the volcano poured across the land and engulfed the city in darkness.” The city is currently immersed in ash and debris from the volcano. The number of survivors is still unknown.
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