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Gender Portrayal in the Film Bad Guy - Essay Example

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This paper “Gender Portrayal in the Film Bad Guy” calls for an open minded approach with sound arguments and judgments. Bad Guy is both an intriguing and fascinating film directed by Kim Ki-Duk, revealing some of the ‘literary’ misfortunes that befall women every day…
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Gender Portrayal in the Film Bad Guy
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Download file to see previous pages It starts by a guy (Han-Ki) spotting a young lady (Sun-Hwa) sited on a bench across the street and decides to sit beside her. His constant glare towards her makes her uncomfortable and she sees it as rude. She moves away from her and runs to greet her boyfriend. The man grabs her and forcefully kisses her, the witnessing soldiers intervene beats up this guy. She demands an apology, but the guy remains adamant. It leads to her spitting on him, introducing the hidden desire for obsession and vengeance in motion. It is revealed later that the impetuous, quiet gangster is a pimp. Later, the young girl in the street is implicated in a cash theft which lands her in a brothel.
It would be unwise to assume that the theme of Bad Guy is about revenge; the plot revolves around the escapades between captor and captive and the director Kim seems not to be arriving at a particular theme. The beguilingly and controversial climax of the film leaves viewers with hard questions to ponder. Therefore, Bad Guy can be termed as an enigmatic piece of work displaying the common issues affecting the society inclusive of race and gender themes.
Kim Ki-duk is known as one of the prolific directors in Korea. He is majorly recognized as a remarkable movie producer outside Korea with his movies receiving a number of international awards. For example, the film Samaritan Girl (2004) has gotten him a prestigious international award for best director in the Silver Bear awards. It is fascinating that despite Kim Ki-duk’s international identification as a leading movie director in Korea, back in South Korea his reputation is mixed with many controversies. He has many discontented detractors and a small flock of enthusiastic supporters. He is well reckoned for his unreserved and painterly images. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gender Portrayal in the Film Bad Guy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
“Gender Portrayal in the Film Bad Guy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words”, n.d.
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