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Chinese Media & Culture - Term Paper Example

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The social Medias like television, internet and radio have a significant role in their lives. Both the traditional media like television and radio and new ones like…
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Chinese Media & Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Chinese media is commercial market and people are media addicted. Chinese people are highly media active and they socially interact more on internet than in person.
Chinese people are creative and professionals and they use media effectively to benefit their lives. Chinese use media for education, information purpose, industry, art and entertainment. China is a producing country and many products and services are provided by them and use media creatively and they earn more benefits from it .China has more social media user than Face book has and it is very large. Chinese used Face book and Twitter for many purposed like educational, employment and entertainment but lately it is banned. The Chinese had been using radio and television for discussion matters of sensitive nature like politics and cultural issues. The media are advantageous in informing the Chinese people on crime, disaster and matters of human interests. The Chinese media activism is rigorous and hence been an integral part of their lives.
The newspaper and radio had been the main media for the Chinese people to sell advertisement and compete in market place. Now internet and television has become a source for entrepreneurs to sell their products and services. The search engine Google is used by elite group of China and academics on a wide basis. Newspapers and radio had been a media extensively used by students and politicians. Now internet is a media which the Chinese use to learn local and international affairs. Online communication has become a vital part of Chinese society and people connect with world instantaneously with the use of media.
The media in China is growing especially social media as it is the key way for individuals and businesses to communicate. They also use mobile internet because many people have smart phones and other wireless devices. The communication was Chinese have become much more open with internet and they have immediate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chinese Media & Culture Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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