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Chinese media - Essay Example

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Activism is general defines the increasing creation and utilization of political and social movements to achieve a particular objective. Media activism applies the…
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Chinese media
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Download file to see previous pages The same could be said of China, a country in which activism is viewed as illegal and an act against the values shared by the government. However, the presence and availability of media activism has increased the country’s ability to take part in activism. With a massive population, media activism in China has provided a platform for communication for many people gagged from taking part in conventional activism processes (Wallis 410). Specifically, people in China have been cited as one of the greatest consumers of media activism in a country where freedom is not viewed as a democratic right.
Media activism in China may be defined from two contrasting perspectives. There is the government and society definition of media activism. For the Chinese government, media activism is only legal where the users use the available technologies in communication to cite the positive features of the government. For instance, media houses in China are licensed to provide information as specified by the government. This form of media activism does not allow for criticism of highlighting of the errors by the governing body. The definition also covers providing information on the acts of the government depicting change, control, superiority and just (Yang 54).
The social definition of media activism in China is the completely opposite of the stated definition. The definition mainly focuses on highlighting the need of change. Considering that the conventional media in China has no power to provide voice to the citizens, other media sources are relied upon to voice the frustrations on the government. Media activism from the people is defined as act by which the society is provided with an opportunity to challenge the existing non-democratic rule of law. China is highly defined by a rule of law inconsiderate of the rights of people. Problems in the nation can only be headlined ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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